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Monetize Your Innovations

Some people think: Banking is essential, traditional financial services providers are not.

We think:

Let’s create a common level-playing field for ALL participants solving the underlying financial infrastructure challenge. Then let the markets decide.

The foundation of the Blockchain Economy

Knowledge & Creativity

A fool with a tool is still a fool

We truly believe that this holds particularly true for the era of Blockchain.


Both society as whole as well as organizations will only be able to benefit from the many promises of Decentralized Ledger Technology when there are humans leading inspiring that quest with creativity, courage and expertise.

That's why we created the first education program in Europe with a bespoke focus on the commercial aspects of Blockchain to validate use cases across many industry verticals.


Leveraging the Lightning Network

A fast lane for prosperity

The Lightning Network is an internet / blockchain-based, open and independent payment network and distributed ledger. It enables secure instant microtransactions eliminating the hight costs associated to banks or other financial intermediaries.

Through our distinct approach to asset tokenization, we have unbundled the Lightning Network from cryptocurrency concepts. This enables the digital onboarding of any economic asset and hence real scaling.

Organisations, entrepreneurs and activists shall be empowered for growth and prosperity. Our solution works for industries of every type and scale: Merchants, E-Commerce, NPOs, agriculture, tourism, live events, etc.

Start experiencing the power of the Lightning Network. Scan below to connect with one of our nodes.


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